Why am I here?

Traditionally a philosophical question, posed to awaken ones inner theorist. I ask myself this question, moreover I pose to you, whoever is reading this, what brought me here. This blog post begins my venture on a path in which I can only hope to practice and begin in a field in which I am majorly passionate about.

Right now, the reason this exact post is being written, is because it’s due tonight. And the reason I have a blog post due tonight is because I’m studying a double degree, Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies/Bachelor of International Studies, at the University of Wollongong.

I guess the real question and real answer I want to put forward is, why have I chosen this?

Every now and then I stumble across a book I’ve filled with words, ideas from within my mind. I’ve found books from when I was 7, covered in fairies and with the “e”‘s written backwards. I’ve got pages of words from when I was 9 and Steve Irwin passed away, the paper portraying emotions of a school girl struck with shock. And I have diaries from my high school years talking of rumours (who’s dating who!), the latest gossip, of boyfriends and boys, and everything else my teen years encompassed. Perfectly on queue mum just yells from the kitchen (with the knowledge of me writing this post) “Naomi, you’re a writer through and through”. I guess that pretty much sums it up.

The beauty, I think, of words, is not just the expression. It’s not the ability of how one may portray an event, or how utterly different individuals will use a broad range of vocabulary to express the same idea.

My favourite aspect of writing, of language and of words is that they can capture a moment. That in writing words you capture exact emotions from a single moment in time, feelings you may revisit should you simply open the book (or blog in this case).

So here I begin, a timeline of posts. Moments and events that I and you alike may revisit, recapture and experience all over again. By tomorrow, I’ll feel differently, by next post I’ll feel differently, and by this exact date next year, I will also feel differently. Maybe I’ll look back at this moment and remember it in a varied way. But here is my evidence, here is me clicking the lens and capturing a snapshot of right now. That is the beauty of words and that is the reason I am here.