The Medium is the Message

I used to be told to be careful with my words, as once they are out, they cannot be taken back. Apparently now, I too have to be careful about HOW I convey my words.

The medium is the message basically encompasses the idea that how something is being delivered, is just as important as what is delivered. Any extension of ourselves can be a medium, think chair, hands, shoes, rooms. They affect how we receive or how others receive messages. Sounds a bit complex doesn’t it?

“Think of a cinema”. They use the medium of lights. By eliminating them, turning them off, they allow us to receive the movie differently. Imagine receiving a horror film in broad daylight, not so scary anymore is it? By simply altering a medium, the message is now different. Think of how often arguments over text message or Facebook inbox, are generated from nothing at all. The same message said face to face, will be conveyed and received differently. The medium is altering the message.

Trajectories of convergence have caused and are causing rapid changes in mediums. We certainly live very differently to our grandparents. This “change in our societal or cultural grounds conditions indicated the presence of a new message, that is, the effects of a new medium.” (as mentioned by Ted in the Lecture, Week 3)

Even the simple comparison of print news, to now online news, is astounding. Now, we can comment directly on the story as it is released. We may even debate with others about the same topic, in real-time. Now, to consume news, you may even be illiterate, and can simply listen to interact and consume. This new medium has changed the scale of the message, as well as the way we interact and behave with it.

Due to these advancements, there are many forms of media which are now dead. Floppy disks, videos, and cassettes are some examples. In order to survive with our constant change of mediums, they must mutate to survive. A modern-day form of music production, is as a Disk Jockey (DJ). However, they are simply using a mutated version of the vinyl record. The possibility to do so was due to the ability of the vinyl to be manipulated to any part of the record, it was not created to do so; but its ability to do so it was helped it survive the changing mediums.



Here is the first gif I’ve every created. It was quite interesting to play around with the generator, and overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I think that it would be reasonably effective as it is a widely known gif and has minimal text. Obviously, the text is straight from the content I have discussed this week. I would’ve liked the text to be smaller, or split into the top and bottom of the picture, but I was unable to do this. With more practice and use of the gif generator, I hope to improve these aspects.



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