Apple vs Android

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One of the biggest questions of our generation, which is better, Apple or Android?

For me, an avid Apple user, I’ve never really questioned it. I’ve used my iPhone since they were pretty much released. Even when I ask around, almost everyone I know uses Apple, bar a few.

But I feel like the debate actually goes much deeper than just the brand or logo a device is imprinted with. The real debate we’re having, without even knowing, is open sourced vs. closed source devices.

You see, apple has created its own community almost. They have their own app store meaning that not only users must use this (and only this) but creators must break into this certain market to be visible to a certain audience. To have your app available, Apple must approve you. Apple has complete control over the platform (the phone or other device), the content (what you can see from this device)., and therefore the user (YOU!). Apple originally drew their users in to the current iPhone by combining three functions and devices into one – a widescreen touch control iPod, a revolutionary mobile phone, and a breakthrough internet communications device (the iPad). And here you get… the modern-day iPhone!

Now lets look at the Android. You have a completely open garden of apps, Google Play and independent android markets are some means of downloading apps.  With an Android, the user is given flexibility and they have the ability to both access and modify the code. Android exercises no control over the platform, content or user.

The two devices seem, on the surface, as a pretty simple choice. But the control and freedom you (the user) is able to exercise is actually immensely different. So next time you, or someone you know, asks “Apple or Android?”, realise what the real question is. How much freedom do you want? Do you want access to just information, and controlled use? Or do you want access to conversation, and the ability to use your device as you please?


Kermit The Frog Drinking Tea - when you realise android seems better but you own an iphone


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