BCM325 Pitch

My idea for my digital artefact addresses the medium term future for the next 30 years. It looks at insects as a form of food worldwide. This artefact will involve a podcast for the literature review, a survey to collect feedback and opinions on this idea, and a final video introducing the prediction of a global food crisis and how insects as a form of food may be the answer to this. The podcast and survey will be completed prior to the final video to allow for feedback and audience participation. The relevance of the artefact to the audience is that it is a predicted future that will directly involve them, while also proposing a possible solution to this.


Sources referenced to in the video (presented like this as I was unable to reference while speaking in the video):

Population predictions:

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Lack of food prediction:

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Climate change harming current food production methods:

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Insects as a future food prospect:

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  1. breakingin2016 · March 22, 2019

    Reblogged this on Future Cultures.


    • nothandomoyo · May 6, 2019

      Hi Naomi!

      This sounds really cool and I think you have brought up some very important and relevant points about beef cattle not being sustainable for the future. I was thinking maybe you could look at some recipes that are already well established in social culture that include insects and how people have responded to them?

      Perhaps by introducing some recipes you can use your survey to ask your respondents if they would be interesting in trying any of these recipes. That way you can gather a small pool of data on how people view insects as food for the future.

      Here is a link to some insect based foods that might impress meat lovers:


      I look forward to watching your D.A grow!

      Nothando 🙂 


  2. Marko · March 23, 2019

    Hey, I think your site might be having browser compatibility
    issues. When I look at your website in Firefox, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has
    some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!

    Other then that, amazing blog!


    • breakingin2016 · April 29, 2019

      Hey Marko,
      Sorry for such a late response! Thanks for bringing up this issue and I’m working on figuring out what is going wrong at the present! I appreciate your engagement with my content,


  3. Maddy · April 12, 2019

    Hey Naomi, loved your pitch! You did an awesome job in the video explaining your idea for the digital artefact in a very effective and succinct way. I think your idea is unique and very interesting, as, its true that if we want to start saving the planet we need to take action in the way of sustainability. It’s evident that your research has been extensive, and you have a lot of knowledge on your topic; I think this has potential to be an amazing DA. A direction you could consider taking with your project could be investigating the ethics of eating insects as opposed to red meat, and attitudes of groups with different perspectives on social media platforms (vegetarians, vegans, meat eaters, animal rights activists, sustainability activists, farmers, people who don’t care for the environment, etc.). Here’s a link to a source I found that might aid your research, about a study of eating insects and people’s attitudes towards it: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5974696/
    Best of luck with your DA!


    • breakingin2016 · April 29, 2019

      Hey Maddy,
      Thanks for such a positive comment! That’s such an interesting avenue you have brought to light, one which I hadn’t considered at all. I think that would definitely be a good future topic (and maybe future DA for myself) however for this project I will not focus on it. This is purely due to the fact that this topic is not yet researched enough to provide succinct, well-backed answer to these questions. The aim of my research is to open up the conversation if anything, and down the line I believe your questions will probably arise.

      Thanks for the source! I have actually found and used that source in my recent material! I have currently released my first podcast of a two part series, if you were interested. It can be found here: https://breakingin2016.wordpress.com/2019/04/26/a-food-crisis-why-we-could-all-be-hungry-very-soon/

      Thanks again,


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  5. Alexander Mastronardi · April 12, 2019

    Hi Naomi,

    Your pitch was very interesting, I learnt a lot about the future of the human population. I had no idea that food sources were something we needed to worry about but the information you gave provided a lot of depth. I personally didn’t record myself during my pitch as I felt like I wouldn’t have been able to convey my idea well enough, but your pitch video was great, you spoke really well and you communicated your idea clearly without the use of visual aid which isn’t easy to do. You also covered everything relating to concept, methodology and social utility well, in addition to how the project is going to address the future. I particularly liked how you have different ideas for 10 years, 20 years and 30 years.

    Before I move on to your DA feedback, I just wanted to give some quick thoughts about your blog itself. Your aesthetic is nice and simple, however I think your post would benefit from some additional formatting. For example, I would consider changing the font size of the reference list as it currently stands out a lot from the important information and unnecessarily takes up a lot of the page space. After checking out your blog home page, I would recommend adding ‘read more’ tags to your blog posts, as it is rather difficult to navigate your home page and find older posts, check this out for more info: https://en.support.wordpress.com/wordpress-editor/blocks/more-block/2/

    For your digital artefact specifically, I think the key part is the survey you’ll be conducting about how people feel about this topic, since you mentioned that you hope in the next 10 years it will be more acceptable in western society. Something to look into for your beta pitch is trying to uncover some of those thoughts now. I don’t really have any additional ideas about other aspects of this topic that you could explore, Maddy’s comment gave a great suggestion that I definitely recommend as well.

    I do have some suggestions about the execution of the project. You mentioned that you would be using multiple platforms so the audience can engage in different ways, do you know which platforms you’re going to use yet? I think it’s great to spread the content over a variety of platforms to help with overall awareness and engagement, but I would be mindful as to which platforms you choose due to their key differences. For example, as your project is quite academic and informational, and will include video/audio content, YouTube and Facebook could work great with Twitter being used to help distribute the content. Have a look at this fantastic article that breaks down each platform and which types of industries and audiences they are best suited for: https://blog.scrunch.com/what-social-media-platform-is-best-for-you-and-your-industry

    Good luck with the remainder of the project, I look forward to seeing how it goes. Cheers!

    – Alex


    • breakingin2016 · April 29, 2019

      Hey Alex,
      Apologies for a delayed response, uni has been quite busy! I appreciate your feedback and am glad my idea was explain in a clear manner that was easy for you to understand. Thanks for the tips on the blog, it has been something I was hoping to focus on/fix however have never really found the time. I must do the overall blog soon, however I have changed the referencing font size now (good suggestion). I haven’t quite released the survey yet, as I plan on doing this in the next weeks time, but this will be a crucial part of my final video I present.

      In regard to the multiple platforms, I actually didn’t have enough time to explain these in the video hence why I left them out. They are inclusive of SoundCloud (podcasts), a survey, and the final video. I have tried to share my first podcast over the few channels you have mentioned, however will look into this article for the rest of this project and others I may conduct in the future.

      Here’s a link to the first podcast I have released, if you were interested: https://breakingin2016.wordpress.com/2019/04/26/a-food-crisis-why-we-could-all-be-hungry-very-soon/



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  10. brookiyuki · May 29, 2019

    Hi Naomi,

    Sorry for the late response, but I really enjoyed your pitch video! You’re clearly passionate about your project and I think your focus on insects as food for the future is unique in a project such as this. My only concern is that your project doesn’t leave much room for public engagement, unless you plan on making multiple podcast episodes or videos and taking on feedback after each episode/video is released. It might be worthwhile to utilise social media such as Twitter or Instagram to keep your audience engaged in-between instalments, allowing you to build a viewer base and communicate directly with them.

    You sound very well-educated in the topic of food shortages and insects as an alternative protein source, which is great as it means you are someone I would happily let educate me in this matter. I’d be interested in learning about how insects will be gathered for food – will they need to be farmed, and if so, how will this affect the industry? Will it be expensive to farm insects? Just something to think about. The Western vs Eastern attitudes to insects is also an interesting side point that is definitely worth investigating, as it could impact on the future of food production and how it may be more short term in Eastern cultures, and more medium-long term for Western cultures. This is a great journal article for investigating the divided attitudes about insects as food between Eastern and Western cultures: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/330797542_Understanding_Edible_Insects_as_Food_in_Western_and_Eastern_Societies

    Best of luck with your DA! x


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