Update: Digital Artefact

So for an assignment we were given – The Digital Artefact – we were to create pretty much anything online. Of course it needed to serve a purpose, and to be creative.

Originally, my idea was to join with two other students from my class (international students) and do short Buzzfeed-like vids about our differences i.e. trying each cultures food, taboos in each culture. That sort of thing, and to be honest I was super excited.

However, it ended up being nearly impossible to cross over at all with each other. Every time we’d schedule a meet up someone would bail and we’d have to call it off. It was not only sooo frustrating, but really stressful because the clock was ticking. Eventually, I called it, and decided to just do my own thing.

So here we are. Now, I’m doing videos (so similar of my brother and I doing activities together. The reason? Well not only do I think we don’t do things together enough, unless forced to, but it’ll be qa good opportunity to bond, try new things, and show the rest of the world that getting on with your sibling isn’t actually that hard.

To con him into helping me, I decided my best bet was to do activities he enjoys, meaning I’m thrown into the deep end. But whatever. Anyways I’ll link the very first video here (when I can) and hopefully you guys have as much fun watching it as I did filming 🙂


Here it is!